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At Barrow Pool Service, we are dedicated to providing fast, effective care for pools, spas, and water features tailored to both residential and commercial settings. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures every client receives superior service. 


Contact us today for a free professional estimate and see why we're the trusted name in comprehensive aquatic care across San Diego County!

Our Services

Beach Ball in Pool


Pool and Spa Care

Whether you manage a community pool, a luxurious spa, or a private residential oasis, we offer full-service care including cleaning, chemical balancing, and regular maintenance checks. Our team ensures your water facilities are immaculately maintained, enhancing enjoyment and safety for every user.


Repairs and Maintenance

Encounter a problem? Our responsive repair service covers all mechanical failures and maintenance issues, from a faulty filter system to emergency repairs in pools, spas, and water features. We work quickly to fix problems, reducing hassle for homeowners and downtime for commercial operations.


Post-Remodel Care

If you've recently upgraded or remodeled your pool, spa, or water feature, trust us to manage the crucial startup procedures. Our experience guarantees we can bring any aquatic installation up to optimal condition, maintaining crystal clarity and perfect function whether it's for homeowners or a commercial property.

The Cove, Escondido

"The pool looks sparkly clean. I'm so impressed day 1!”

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